Reasons to Choose Carpet from Advantage Carpet & Flooring Outlet

At one time, wall-to-wall carpet was a status symbol in home décor. In recent years, it has been overshadowed by hardwood floors. Carpet can be an attractive floor covering that is green, affordable, and comfortable. Here are some reasons for that statement.

Carpet provides comfort

Sinking toes into deep carpet pile when first getting out of bed in the morning when the weather outside is cold and frosty is hard to beat. Carpet trends of today are super comfy plush options. That cozy, warm surface is also enjoyed by pets and small children. Carpet has an insulating effect that allows the thermostat to be set lower in cooler months and reduces heating bills.Homeowners with bursitis, arthritis, or similar ailments find carpet with a resilient underlay to be easy on their joints. Old problems caused by dust in carpet can now be alleviated by vacuuming a carpet frequently with a cleaner that includes a High Energy Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. The filter reduces dust that may cause problems for family members having breathing problems or allergies. Dust is prevented from circulating in the environment. Carpet needs to be kept dry to stave off mold which is another respiratory system aggravator. Carpet is a sound buffer. Some condo residents are obliged, under terms of bylaws, to have wall-to-wall carpet installed for noise reduction reasons.

Cost of carpet

Carpet is affordable flooring. It is lower in price than all materials except vinyl sheeting. Installation for carpet is slightly higher than hardwood, but the overall cost is about half.Good quality carpet lasts about ten years. Proper maintenance and care can extend the lifespan even more. Removing shoes and having the carpet professionally cleaned are ways to prolong the life of a carpet.

Carpet is environmentally friendly

The synthetic fibers, used in most carpet made today, include triexta, polyester, polypropylene, and nylon. The PET polyester, used increasingly, contains some recycled container post-consumer waste. It is stronger and resists stains better than older polyester types. Synthetic carpet has fewer volatile organic compounds than other non-natural options. Customers of Advantage Carpet & Flooring Outlet from Chatsworth, Simi Valley, Porter Ranch and Woodland Hills will find a carpet that is comfortable, affordable, and eco-friendly.



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