Advantage Carpet & Flooring Outlet Offers Many Hardwood Styles

Styles of hardwood offered by Advantage Carpet & Flooring Outlet feature the best species of stained and natural wood. They are customized to the customer's specifications that include grade, width, gloss level, stain, and species. The customer is in control of the hardwood choices. Exotic hardwood, having some of the richest and finest tones, is available.

A collection of natural hardwood provides a textured look that is ideal for modern or rustic décor. The collection is designed to reveal and accentuate the natural marks and beauty of hardwood.Advantage Carpet & Flooring Outlet knows that respect for natural resources, customer service, and quality products matters to the customers they serve. To address the price concerns of customers, both unfinished and pre-finished hardwood is available.At one time, unfinished hardwood was all that dealers carried. That meant ordering the hardwood, having it installed, then, having it sanded and refinished with multiple coats of a polyurethane-based finish.

The process took days. During the process, residents had to stay out of the room, if not out of the house. The room could not be used for quite some time.Even today, oil-based polyurethane finishes need to be fully cured before moving furniture back into a space. There are reasons to choose unfinished hardwood. A specific stain may not be available in unfinished hardwood. Square edged hardwood, and super wide width panels do not come as pre-finished products.

Pre-finished hardwood takes about two hours to install. Factory hardwood, as it is called, is extremely durable. It often has a lifetime warranty. The selection of pre-finished styles offers a wide variety of choices. The chance of matching your preference is pretty much in your favor. The unfinished route does offer more encompassing options. Price is a bit tricky to determine.

The unfinished hardwood has a lower price, but the finishing costs and inconvenience need to be factored in. Unfinished hardwood costs usually surpass those of pre-finished options.As stated, Advantage Carpet & Flooring Outlet puts the customer in charge of hardwood choice. The company wants customers from Chatsworth, Simi Valley, Porter Ranch and Woodland Hills to be happy with the choice of hardwood they make.



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