Vintage Laminate Flooring from Advantage Carpet & Floor Outlet

There is a movement in the laminate flooring industry toward an authentic look of vintage flooring. This kind of laminate makes a bold statement. The reason behind the trendy choice is easy to understand. The rustic look is simply gorgeous.

Rustic laminate flooring conjures-up many feelings. The flooring is refined and rich. It is established and aged. A room with vintage looking laminate has a feeling of elegance. Rustic flooring often has wide, long planks. They can be as long as 84 inches. Other configurations feature various widths in a single room. Each design choice creates a feeling of craftsmanship. There are people fortunate enough to own genuinely aged wood floors. Those floors can be re-stained after sanding to restore life into a floor dulled by wear and tear. One thing sanded and re-stained floors lack is durability. Today's laminate floors are optimized for scratch and stain-resistance when they arrive for installation. The factory finish cannot be replicated on-site. Refinished floors do not match the durability of prefinished laminate. The appearance and feeling of vintage flooring are replicated in the laminate.

Advantage Carpet & Flooring Outlet has a collection of Qstep laminate flooring that has designs inspired by the European look of pine and oak, weathered by the elements and time. The substantial 12 mm thick planks feel and look like real wood. They recreate nostalgic looks of the past; luxurious, wide, and long. Another design technique making a comeback is the painted floor, especially white colored paint. This décor element has been used as a stylish design throughout the years. Three-season porches, kitchens, and stairs have had painted floorboards.

The biggest reason white is used is that it allows art, accessories, and furniture to stand out. Museums often choose white floors for the same reason. White floors are great for creating a beach-like feel. The problem is that every scratch and chip shows on a white painted floor. Damage is unavoidable, and repainting has to be done yearly. Qstep can deliver the same beautiful look without requiring the same amount of elbow grease. Advantage Carpet & Flooring Outlet carries a laminate that replicates this design technique as well.

Customers from Woodland Hills, Porter Ranch, Simi Valley, and Chatsworth, who purchase these vintage laminate selections, can invite others to step back in time when they visit their newly floored rooms. The laminate flooring from Advantage Carpet & Flooring Outlet can be installed in any room.



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